Heliot Ramos

Ramos hilariously credits ‘rally pelican' for Giants' resurgence

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As Heliot Ramos continues to make a big impact for the Giants after his call-up from the minor leagues, the outfielder still credits an unlikely source for the team’s turnaround.

Speaking Tuesday on KNBR's “Murph & Markus” show, Ramos was asked who was more responsible for the Giants' resurgence in the past two weeks, himself or the legendary "rally pelican," with the 24-year-old giving an unlikely answer.

“The pelican for sure,” Ramos said. “I thought about [running over to] it for a minute, but then I decided to let it be because it might fly over my head or something.”

The pelican made its first appearance during the May 11 game against the Cincinnati Reds, causing a delay in the game and sending social media into a frenzy. The seabird appeared unfazed as it landed in center field before eventually taking flight and leaving the ballpark, but not before endearing itself to Giants fans everywhere.

Since the pelican game, San Francisco has won six of eight and continues to pull closer to the other teams in contention for a wild-card berth.

Ramos has been a revelation for the Giants since his call-up on May 8, batting .293 with a .780 OPS, providing stability in a lineup that injuries have ravaged in recent weeks.

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