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Giants catcher Tromp sums up what Kapler's like in one word


Chadwick Tromp will be back with the Giants in 2021 after signing a one-year, major league contract following a solid campaign last season.

He looks to be in the competition to be six-time All-Star catcher Buster Posey’s backup. He also looks forward to playing under manager Gabe Kapler again. That relationship was quite special to him last season.

“Gabe -- if I could say one word about him, he’s awesome,” Tromp said on the latest episode of Balk Talk. “The conversations we have -- it always starts with the conversations that we have, like the minor details. Like you were saying, we’re playing baseball every day so when you have a conversation with him, it doesn’t have to be about baseball -- it could be about anything else.”

Infielder Jason Vosler, who also signed a big-league deal with the Giants in the offseason, mirrored those sentiments, saying when Kapler recruited him, the two barely spoke about baseball in the first 10 minutes of their initial phone call.

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For Tromp, how Kapler approached the players was imperative for his debut season.

“When I was playing for him, it felt like I wasn’t playing for him, it felt like I was playing with him, and I feel like that’s very, very important because of all the meetings we have, he was always involved as much as he can,” Tromp added.” Like I said, very involved and I feel like as a player, I like that because of the way he was off the field. Just too professional man, he’s been in the game long enough, he knows what he’s talking.”

In 24 games last season, Tromp slashed .213/.219/.426 with four home runs and 10 RBI. President of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi said Tromp is just getting started, and there’s plenty of untapped potential in his future. 

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Tromp believes the same thing when it comes to his manager. 

“Very straight forward, doesn’t bull s--t,” Tromp added about Kapler. “He loves winning and that’s something I love about him too. I hate losing, I’m a sore loser. He doesn’t like to lose either and for me, it was important to understand he didn’t like losing and it made the relationship a little better, but I mean, I can’t wait to see how he is in the future -- how much better he’s going to get.” 

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