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Giants' Zaidi remains confident Chapman, Soler will find swings

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Despite the early season struggles of Jorge Soler and Matt Chapman, Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi is confident both players will find their swings as the season progresses.

Speaking on KNBR’s “Tolbert & Copes” Thursday, Zaidi explained how Soler has improved his swing over the past few games.

“I think he's pretty close, he's taking good swings, he's hit balls hard and it's going to start showing up,” Zaidi explained.

“I still think he's working a little bit on his timing. He's gotten some really big hits for us, but I agree when you look at the bottom-line production, the OPS in the mid .600s as opposed to what you're hoping for in that .750 to .800 range like you said, that really adds up.”

Zaidi then went on to explain that the Giants right-handed hitters have struggled this season while their left-handers have been doing very well, something he believes will start to change.

“We’ve got a few guys doing it [struggling at the plate] and it's funny when you read about any team that's underperforming,” Zaidi detailed. “The teams that are around us in the standings -- a couple games under .500 but are looking to be better -- you hear that a lot, ‘Hey, our guys aren't producing up to their levels and they'll get there,’ but then again, these games are in the books and you don't get a chance to get them back.

“That's one of the tough things that we've had to battle [because] our left-handed bats I think have done pretty well. [Michael]Conforto carried us early in the season, LaMonte Wade has had a good year so far, Yaz has been coming on, and it's been the right-handed bats that are a little bit on the underproducing side.

“And that gives the opposing teams confidence to bring all these lefties out of the pen late in the game and, we're looking to get a little bit better balance. So, I agree with you. Those two guys [Chapman and Soler] are huge for us and we're confident they'll get it going.”

Despite being big spenders during the MLB offseason, San Francisco has been hovering around a .500 record for most of the 2024 season, unable to sustain any long winning streaks. The offense has struggled as of late, especially during a recent three-game series against the Boston Red Sox where the Giants were outscored 10-2 in the first two games, both losses.

Soler and Chapman were two of the biggest free agent signings for San Francisco and neither player has produced the All-Star level numbers Zaidi was hoping for.

Still, given the recent starting pitching improvements, the Giants have the potential to right the ship and begin to string wins together as they head into a crucial four-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

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