Fan wears ‘Arson Judge' jersey to Yankees-Giants game


Arson Judge was spotted at Yankee Stadium on Opening Day.

The infamous hot stove typo became something of a reality Thursday when the New York Yankees played the Giants to launch the 2023 MLB season. A fan wore a customized Giants jersey with the name "Arson Judge" and No. 99 on the back.

The name entered the meme hall of fame after an untimely autocorrect in December when Jon Heyman of the New York Post misspelled Aaron Judge's in a tweet that suggested the then-free agent slugger was leaving the New York Yankees to sign with the Giants.

"Arson Judge appears headed to Giants," Heyman wrote in a Dec. 6 tweet that was deleted shortly after, but not before setting Twitter ablaze.

Turned out that Heyman, one of baseball's most connected insiders, got more than just the spelling wrong.

"Giants say they have not heard on Aaron Judge, My apologies for jumping the gun," Heyman tweeted.

Judge then went on to sign a nine-year, $360 million deal to remain with the Yankees. His tenure with the Giants lasted briefly on Twitter, but Arson Judge lives on forever. 

As for Aaron Judge, he was in attendance as well, wearing Yankees pinstripes instead of Giants orange. Coming off a record-breaking 62 home run season, Judge homered in his first at bat of the season.

The Yankees even got in on the fire jokes ...

Good start to the season for both Aaron and Arson.

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