Crawford explains what Panik adds as Giants special assistant


Brandon Crawford has an idea of what his former double-play partner, Joe Panik, can impart to the Giants' youngsters heading into the 2023 MLB season.

Crawford spoke with Giants broadcasters Duane Kuiper and Javier Lopez during San Francisco's exhibition game against Team USA on Wednesday and shared that he believes Panik's relaxed disposition will work wonders with the Giants' young players this season. 

"Joe was always very calm and level-headed, so I mean just maybe bringing some of that to some of the young guys who may be going 110 percent all the time, running themselves into the ground or something like that," Crawford explained to Kuiper and Lopez. "I think he'll be able to bring a calming presence and help with defense, help with offense because he was pretty good at both of those."

With a long 162-game MLB season, it is important for players to pace themselves so as to not start strong and then crash by the end of the season.

Regardless of how young a player might be or physically fit said player is, playing a game almost every day will take its toll on anyone, hence why Panik's calming presence and understanding of how to maximize time is crucial.

"Yeah, he always was pretty calm, I mean he would get frustrated at times, like we all do, but for the most part, stayed pretty even-keeled," Crawford continued. "I think that's an underrated quality sometimes in baseball."

Along with teaching the Giants' youngsters how to approach the grind of a long season off the field, the recently-retired former All-Star and Gold Glove award winner can teach players how to be the best they can be on the field, as Crawford alluded to.

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Despite failing to land a big-name free agent in the offseason, Crawford is confident that San Francisco can recapture the same success it had in the 2021 season when the Giants won a franchise-best 107 wins. 

And with Panik educating the younger players on and off the field, Giants fans are hopeful the team can reach some semblance of success they had just a few years ago.

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