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How anonymous MLB players view Giants as desirable free-agent destination

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There has been plenty of discourse over the years about the Giants' viability as an attractive suitor for MLB free agents.

San Francisco has come up short in numerous pursuits of star players in recent offseasons, with the city of San Francisco and the current state of the team among the reasons why some outside the organization believe the Giants have struggled to land certain players.

In a recent poll conducted by The Athletic during spring training, anonymous MLB players were asked to weigh in on a variety of topics, including which team they would like to sign with the most if certain caveats like contracts, state taxes and rosters were not factors in their decision.

Here's how 86 current players voted:

Atlanta Braves - 12.7%
Boston Red Sox - 9.3%
Los Angeles Dodgers - 8.1%
Texas Rangers - 8.1%
New York Yankees - 6.9%
Chicago Cubs - 6.9%
San Diego Padres - 5.8%
Philadelphia Phillies - 4.6%
Arizona Diamondbacks - 3.4%
Los Angeles Angels - 3.4%
Houston Astros - 3.4%
Miami Marlins - 3.4%
Cincinnati Reds - 3.4%
Tampa Bay Rays - 2.3%
Seattle Mariners - 2.3%
San Francisco Giants - 2.3%
New York Mets 2.3%
Minnesota Twins - 2.3%

San Francisco, a large-market team committed to winning year in and year out, which plays in a ballpark that widely is considered one of, if not the best in all of baseball, finds itself ranked 16th among teams that players mentioned.

The Athletic also asked respondents what organizations have bad reputations among players. Fortunately for the Giants, they were not among the most popular answers, but they did receive at least one vote from an anonymous player.

Also included in the poll was a question asking players who the most overrated player in baseball is. Giants left-handed pitcher and reigning NL Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell was among the players mentioned by the 59 total respondents.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. - 20.3%
Anthony Rendon - 10.2%
Carlos Correa - 6.7%
Tim Anderson - 5%
Jack Flaherty - 5%
Pete Alonso - 3.3%
Cody Bellinger - 3.3%
Alex Bregman - 3.3%
Elly De La Cruz - 3.3%
Manny Machado - 3.3%
Blake Snell - 3.3%

While the overall poll was not alarmingly bad for the Giants, it certainly wasn't a glowing referendum on the current state of the organization either.

And it's clear the Giants have some work to do to improve their standing among MLB free agents.

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