Kotsay's pros, cons of managing A's in social media age


From professional baseball player to front office executive to manager, Mark Kotsay has certainly seen times change throughout his time in the league. 

Now as the Athletics' first-year manager, Kotsay joined NBC Sports California's Brodie Brazil on “All A’s” to explain what it’s like being in his position during the social media age. 

Kotsay has social media but isn’t very active on his accounts. But he did admit he uses it as more of an informative tool. 

“Well, a lot of it is information nowadays,” Kotsay told Brazil. “You peruse a little bit, especially during the offseason. A lot of the baseball information gets tweeted out in advance, so just to try and stay connected.” 

Kotsay knows that sometimes, social media can perhaps be too informative -- and too quick. 

In this day and age, players sometimes find out they’ve been traded via Twitter. It’s not just in MLB; it has been the case for pro sports across the board. 

Kotsay explained how he and the rest of the A's staff try to avoid that from happening as much as possible. 

“It is that speed,” Kotsay said. “It’s the world we live in right now. We do our best to get ahead of it, to not let a player find out any type of information that we can’t relay to him first.” 

Rising star Cristian Pache is a prime example of just that. 

Pache was traded to the A’s in mid-March and was very expressive with his emotions on Twitter. 

And since landing in Oakland, Pache has continued to be active on social media and enjoys engaging with fans on different platforms. 

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The 23-year-old outfielder has talked about the importance of connecting with fans, and Kotsay agrees that that bond is special. 

“Yeah, I’ve seen that,” Kotsay said about Pache’s Twitter presence. “I’ve definitely seen that [and] heard some stories about it. He’s connected to the fans, which is great. It’s so healthy to see that, to see a player want to connect. Obviously, there’s the other side of social media that we pray and hope that doesn’t take place, and that’s the nastiness of it, and [we] try to use it for the positives.” 

As time goes on, things will continue to change, and just like the rest of us, Kotsay will continue to adapt and learn. 

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