MLB rumors: Bryce Harper, Giants brass had second meeting in Las Vegas


SAN FRANCISCO -- The chase for Bryce Harper still includes both sides of one of the game's best rivalries. 

The Giants have insisted in recent days that they believe they're still in on Harper, even with the Dodgers becoming more serious, and they backed that up by meeting with the slugger this week, according to Kerry Crowley of the San Jose Mercury News.

Harper hosted CEO Larry Baer and president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi on Tuesday in Las Vegas, according to Crowley

This would be the second known meeting between Harper and the Giants. Earlier in February, Baer, Zaidi and Bruce Bochy traveled to Las Vegas to meet with Harper, his wife Kayla, and agent Scott Boras. 

The Dodgers sent an impressive contingent, including president Andrew Friedman, manager Dave Roberts and members of the ownership group, to meet with Harper over the weekend. Also over the weekend, Harper had yet another meeting with Phillies owner John Middleton. 

The Phillies are still the favorites for most in the game, but the Giants and Dodgers are hoping to convince Harper to play close to his Las Vegas home. It's unknown what the two sides are offering, but the Giants have made at least one offer to Harper. 

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The Giants have been focused on shorter deals, but they also know that the market has shifted. After Manny Machado signed a $300 million deal with the Padres, a source said the Giants were under the belief that nothing under that would get it done. Nolan Arenado's extension on Tuesday further reset the market, and it's possible Harper will now also aim to set a new record for average annual salary. Arenado is the new record-holder at $32.5 million per season. 

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