Mike Krukow reacts to Buster Posey possibly opting out of 2020 MLB season


This is what Mike Krukow expected. The Giants broadcaster expected some baseball players to test positive for the coronavirus, he expected some hiccups and he expected some players to opt-out of the 60-game season. 

All have been true so far. A handful of players have decided to take this season off as the virus still runs rampant throughout the country. One of the Giants' best players could add his name to that list, too. 

Giants catcher Buster Posey said Saturday he hasn't decided yet if he 100 percent will play this season. 

"He's a guy who's made his name in the game, and he's got little ones at home and there a lot of things he's weighing in regards to the safety of his family," Krukow said Monday on KNBR's "Murph & Mac" show. "I think he thinks of that first.

"I know that he also feels an enormous obligation to this city, to this franchise and to his teammates." 

Posey showed up to Summer Camp late due to personal reasons. On Saturday, he spoke passionately about the state of baseball and trying to play in the middle of a pandemic. 

"I think there's still some reservation on my end as well," Posey said to reporters. "I think I want to see kind of how things progress here over the next couple of weeks. I think it would be a little bit maybe naive or silly not to gauge what's going on around you, not only around you here but paying attention to what's happening in the country and different parts of the country.

"Obviously it's unprecedented times right now. Most definitely I've thought about [opting out] and talked about it with my wife quite a bit."

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Krukow believes Posey couldn't have said it any better. The three-time champion and former NL MVP is the face of the Giants and one of the voices of baseball. He's about as respected as they come, and his voice is needed right now. 

"I think he voiced it beautifully, and I think he spoke for most ballplayers that we're all concerned," Krukow said. "I think he wants to see some of the speed bumps ironed out, so there is a better understanding what there is in that clubhouse every day." 

Giants manager Gabe Kapler fully supports whatever decision Posey ultimately makes, and that's exactly how it should be. Posey doesn't owe a thing to the Giants or their fans. The same goes for any other player, whether they're a star or fighting for a roster spot. 

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Krukow is right in that Posey spoke for all baseball players with his comments. There are concerns, and they aren't going away easily. This is a personal choice with new information coming out daily. 

Whether it's Posey or not, the list of players choosing health, family safety or just a personal decision over money will continue to grow.

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