Hunter Pence eats like a dinosaur


HOUSTONIn most respects, it was a typical pregameclubhouse scene as Giants players got ready for Thursday nights game. MarcoScutaro took several bats out to the cage. Buster Posey gathered his catchinggear.

Hunter Pence walked across the room carrying a bottle ofolive oil.

Olive oil?

Cold pressed, Pence said. It has to be organic, coldpressed.

Pence is two weeks into the paleo diet, also known as theCaveman diet, the dinosaur diet or the hunter-gatherer diet. (Appropriate,huh?)

The basic premise: Only eat foods that were available whenthe greatest artists in France were experimenting with the charcoal-and-cavewall motif. That includes fish, grass-fed meats, fruits, vegetables, roots andnuts. No grains, dairy, refined sugar or processed food.

And no processed oil.

I have to buy a certain kind and I put it on kale, Pencesaid. And I eat it.

Brandon Belt sneered from an adjacent locker.

I dont know how you can eat that stuff, Belt said. Idont go too much into vegetables.

Pence was introduced to the diet by his brother, and afterjust a few days, he began feeling less sluggish.

This time of year, I know when I wake up it usually takes me alittle while to get going, Pence said. Now Im waking up and feeling prettygood.

Could it make a difference down the stretch? Maybe. Pencesaid he doesnt think of himself as a first-half or second-half performer.

Im more random, he said.

If you happen to randomly bump into Pence reading labels in theaisle of a Whole Foods in Chicago this weekend, dont be surprised. He said hegoes shopping in every road city to make sure he has a full supply of thepaleo-approved foods.

Broccoli, cauliflower, peppersthose are all great foryou, he said.

Couldnt he just tip a clubbie to go shopping for him?

No, because I want to get specific things, he said. Likemeat, it has to be grass fed, not corn fed.

And he has to eat a certain kind of uncured bacon, too.

Oh, I crush bacon, he said.

At least Pence and Belt can agree on that. Who doesnt crushbacon?

I eat green things, Belt said. I like peas. But no chanceIm going on that diet. My foods gotta be fried. It tastes really, reallygood. I guess you could say Im on the Southern diet.

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