Giants broadcasters thank Bruce Bochy for all great times they shared


Bruce Bochy has seen countless players come through his office door over his 13 seasons as Giants manager. But in terms of broadcasters, that number is exponentially smaller.

When Bochy began as San Francisco's manager in 2007, the Giants' television and radio broadcasters were the same as they are now. That is to say Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, Jon Miller and Dave Flemming have spent more time with Boch over the years than all but a select few, and as you might expect, they've got some great stories between them. 

As Bochy heads off into the sunset, now down to his last series before retirement, that foursome wanted to thank him for all of the great times they've shared.

"Alright, Mr. Bochy, here's to you for all those times where I hit the wrong button on "The Bruce Bochy Show" and had to come back to your office and re-record," Flemming said with a smirk. "Not a lot of managers would have done that.

"For those times that you let me bring my golf clubs on the road when nobody else was allowed to. I appreciate that, too."

"Here's to no more rain delays, no more games in Denver, and here's to cocktails at 5 o'clock every day," Kuiper grinned.

"You were a great manager. You were a great teacher. And you celebrated as good as anybody I ever, ever was around," Krukow chuckled.

"Thanks for all of the help, and thanks for all of the knowledge, allowing me to pick your brain," Miller said, "because I've learned so much about the game from you. We're going to miss you."

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Bochy has stories of his own, though, some of which he told to NBC Sports Bay Area's Amy Gutierrez in an interview that will air in an hourlong "Toast to Boch" special on NBC Sports Bay Area on Saturday night. 

"We'd have a bad game or be in a bad streak and I'd be in the front seat," Bochy described to Amy G. "[Kuiper] would flop his wrist over with that ring looking at me and he goes, 'Don't forget this.'"

"The funny thing is they all have their own little way if they don't totally agree with me on the lineup," Bochy continued. "Like [Alex] Dickerson, when he was really hot, and one day I sat him. [Kuiper] would come into my office. 'Is Dickerson hurt?'


"And he'd walk out kind of mad at me," Bochy recalled with a laugh. "I told Kuip he's got an attitude."

"Toast to Boch" airs Saturday, Sept. 28 on NBC Sports Bay Area at 5 p.m., following the conclusion of "Giants Postgame Live."

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