Farhan Zaidi explains how Giants can be successful in 2019 season


It's March, which means we have reached the month that possesses Opening Day and we are getting a closer look in spring training at what hopes to shape the rosters of the 2019 teams.

When it comes to the Giants, there are still some questions that remain unanswered as to who will fill out the roster, but that's the recurring theme with most clubs. And for newly hired president of baseball operations, Farhan Zaidi, he's not only ready for the new season, but he's revealing what will make the upcoming year a prosperous one.

"From our standpoint, for us to have a successful 2019 season, we're going to need contributions from young players that our fans might not be familiar with right now," Zaidi said in an interview during Friday night's A's-Giants spring training broadcast. "And our responsibility is to kind of figure that out over the course of this spring training and once those guys get to the minor leagues -- hopefully we're getting impacted by a lot of those players once we get underway."

Zaidi also added that the lack of depth the Giants had in the previous season hurt the team when the inevitable injuries occurred. That's an issue he hopes to tackle before a minute problem becomes an uncontrollable one.

A graphic of the acquisitions Zaidi and the Giants have made this offseason appeared on the screen during the interview, which went to show how much work has gone into the offseason. Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper mentioned that with all the moves that were made, that meant a lot of decisions were going to be made as well.

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"I think those guys all really have a chance to help us," said Zaidi. 

Zaidi has an eye for talent that can stretch beyond one position, something it appears he may not be scared to utilize. And he plans on taking advantage of his time in Arizona by checking out some minor league games to see what the organization has to work with -- something he's really looking forward to. 

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