EXTRA BAGGS: Schierholtz denies making formal trade request, etc.


SAN FRANCISCOGiants outfielder Nate Schierholtz denied aCBS Sports report that he has formally requested a trade.

I havent said one thing about anything other than baseballin two weeks, said Schierholtz, who told the San Francisco Chronicle earlierthis month that he would be open to a change of scenery that would give him theopportunity to play every day.

Nothing has changed at all," Schierholtz said. "My agent knows if anybody isgoing to say anything (to the Giants), its me. I expressed how I felt a coupleweeks ago, and that was the end of it.

Schierholtz stressed that he is not a malcontent, he lovesplaying in San Francisco and he hasnt received a harsh reception in theclubhouse following his published comments. But yes, he wants an opportunity toplay on an everyday basisand at the time the Chronicle story came out, hewas on pace for 100 fewer at-bats than the previous year, when he was in apart-time role.

Considering how Schierholtz played in Philadelphia barely morethan a week ago, its not a stretch to envision him being part of a package forHunter Pence, should the Giants be able to swing a deal.

Great to see Andres Torres back at AT&T Park, and it brought back fond memories when he shook my hand three times in a five-minute span.

He saidhis documentary, Gigante, had a rough-cut premiere at NYU on May 31 and thefinal version should be done in two months or so. The movie tells the story ofhow he overcame long odds, a lengthy minor league career and ADHD.

Its beautiful, Torres said. It touched my heart. Ididnt think I would, but I cried when I saw it. You laugh, its emotional its got a little of everything.

Torres said he hopes to screen the final version in SanFrancisco at some point this offseason.

What a striking juxtaposition between two 2010 World Seriesheroes.

Torres received a standing, sustained ovation when he wasannounced for the first time. He stepped out of the box and doffed his helmet.

And Aubrey Huff hurt himself again when the Mets bungledwhat should have been a double-play grounder.

One guy was welcomed back. The other guy cant leave soonenough.

Oh, and there was Ramon Ramirez, whose entrance in reliefdrew almost no reaction. Did everyone forget his 0.67 ERA for the 2010 Giants?

The 2010 reunion tour will continue Friday night at CoorsField, when the Giants begin their next road trip. Theyre scheduled to facenone other than Jonathan Sanchez. The Giants will send Ryan Vogelsong to opposehim.

Sanchez is 0-2 with an 11.88 ERA in two starts for theRockies, who acquired him after the Kansas City Royals designated him forassingment.

Brandon Belt took an aggressive swing and might have hit awalk-off, three-run home run in the 10th inningif it were a daygame.

Instead, his ball only made it to the warning track, andinto the center fielders glove to end an 8-7, 10-inning loss to the Mets.

I hit that ball too good, Belt said. I thought that ballwas gone for sure. It gets late at night here and the air gets heavy. It knocksdown balls for sure. You cant do anything about it.

Unless youre Scott Hairston, apparently.

Interesting that the Mets pitched to Belt in the 10th.Clay Hensley was on deck and the Giants were out of position players. Metsmanager Terry Collins said he didnt want to walk Belt to load the bases andput his pitcher in a position where hed have no margin for error to throwstrikes.

This leads me to believe that Terry Collins has watched a lot of bad relief pitching this season.

I have absolutely no issue at all with Bochy pinch-runningEli Whiteside for Buster Posey in the ninth. Thats the tying run and theGiants absolutely cannot win if it doesnt score. You try to tie it up, thenworry about the rest later.

But it brings up an interesting question: With PabloSandoval on the DL and Manny Burriss in DFA land, who is the Giantsthird-string catcher?

When it slows down a little around here, Ill ask.

Want to know what Josh Willingham, Jason Kubel and CurtisGranderson have in common?

Theyve all hit more home runs in their home park (17) thanthe Giants have hit all season on the shores of McCovey Cove (16).

Thats right. The Giants have 16 home runs in 52 home games.

Once more: The Giants have 16 home runs in 52 home games.

Oh, and it's rude to walk around with your mouth hanging open.

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