Ever wonder why the A's play ‘Celebration' following home victories?


After every A’s home win, without fail you’ll hear “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang blaring across the speakers as the team bumps fists on the field. 

But … why? Why this song? 

Let’s take it back to 1981, when the tune was at the top of the charts. That's when the A’s decided to make that their celebratory theme song in order to enhance the ballpark experience.

All ballparks used the organ to play their songs back then, but the Oakland Coliseum that was the first place to play pop music.

At one point, they tried to steer away from the catchy song and introduce something more local. But that wasn’t much of a success with fans.

You can’t mess with what’s not broken.

Find out more about the song that is synonymous with victory in the video above. 

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