Brinks truck shows up at Dodgers facility hours after Bryce Harper links


Sometimes, the stories write themselves.

Less than 24 hours after the Los Angeles Dodgers entered the mix to sign free-agent superstar Bryce Harper, a Brinks truck literally showed up at their spring-training facility. 

And we're not using literally in the sense where you'd use it ironically or hyperbolically instead of "figuratively." We literally mean *literally.*

There was no word yet on whether or not the truck was bound for Las Vegas, Harper's hometown and where he's meeting with prospective suitors. The Dodgers' facility is just four-and-a-half hours from Sin City, so if you see a Brinks truck going northbound on US Route 93, you might or might not know where it's headed. 

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The Giants met with Harper at the beginning of the month, but internally viewed the Philadelphia Phillies as the frontrunners as recently as last week. The Phillies reportedly are willing to offer upwards of the 10-year, $300 million contract Harper turned down from the Washington Nationals at the end of the season, and their negotiations reportedly could be resolved by Tuesday. 

Had Phillies owner John Middleton pulled up to Las Vegas in a Brinks truck instead of his private jet, he might not have left empty-handed

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