A's security, umpire Jeff Nelson apprehend fans who try to interrupt game


You know what I hate more than public, ballpark marriage proposals? When a fan runs on to the field to make a fool out of himself and interrupt the game.

That's what this guy did, and we got it on camera.

During Saturday's A's-Blue Jays game, there was a delay. At first, we in the studio weren't sure why until NBC Sports California's broadcast mentioned there was a fan on the field.

*eye roll*

But then the fan realized he wasn't supposed to be there, and immediately tried to make an escape for it. And -- well ... just watch:

Security made sure to take care of him rather quickly and the A's fan he was trying to grab on to for assistance wanted nothing to do with it.

Reminder -- don't be this guy. One second of fame (which is barely considered fame) is not worth the consequences. 

And this other fan during the ninth inning also didn't care about the consequences. But his consequences came in the form of umpire Jeff Nelson:

Lessons learned -- we hope. 


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